Lovebird Aviary

With the beauty of the lovebirds, a lot of people and enthusiasts would surely look for placed where they can take a look and admire the exquisiteness of these feathered creatures. What better place to do that than by going to an extensive lovebird aviary. So, for a wide selection of outstanding aviaries and breeders sites, here is a list of them, in random order. They can help you in raising and caring for your pet lovebird.

* Aqua Oceans – a breeder in New Jersey specializing in eye-ring lovebird species, greys, amazons and eclectus

* Buck’s African Skies – A New Jersey breeder that specializes in African lovebirds

* Parrot Parrot – a Californian breeder and lovebird aviary of Abyssinian lovebirds, peachfaced lovebirds and several Fischer’s lovebirds

* Margie’s Marvelous Birds – specializes in lovebirds, greys, cockatiels, poicephalus, parrotlets and rarer conures

* Howard Voren – concentrates on the rarest birds in captivity such as the magnificent blue mutation amazons. The site is a practical question and answer site for breeders – beginners and experienced.

* Artemis Aviaries -a lovebird aviary which also provides interesting pieces of information regarding hand-feeding formulas and pellets as well as side-by-side assessments of ingredients in feeding lovebirds

* TX Parrots – this is a breeder of lovebirds, African greys, amazons, senegals, quakers, conures, WF cockatiels, grass keets and caiques

* Connie’s Bird Nest – an aviary that features lovebirds, macaws, Congo African greys, amazons, caiques. This site also contains information, message board, tips, shopping and links regarding about breeding of birds.

* Feather Tree – this is an African lovebird aviary and also specializes in Pyrrhura Conures or green-cheeked & white-eared as well as some beautiful mutations.

* True Companion Aviary – it is a respected breeder specializing in wide variety of parrots and lovebirds. It is found in Central Florida.

These are but a few of the many selections of lovebird aviary which you can come to should you decide to look for those exquisite lovebirds. Definitely, they are beautiful birds with rich brilliance and you can watch them fly, perch and play within those aviaries. Most often than not, you can get ideas on how to take care of your lovebirds properly through the aviaries.

Once you have purchased a lovebird or two from the aviary, a cage is a must-have. It may not be as big as an extensive lovebird aviary but it is important that they fit well in the cage. Lovebirds do not demand a huge space but see to it that the cage is big enough for him to go about. After all, they might have the feeling that they are still in the aviary even after you have transferred them into the cage. Opt for a cage fit for the birds. You can find selections through numerous online stores and local pet shops.

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