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When you are looking for a lovebird for a pet, you also have quite a few options. You can adopt one, purchase one from a pet shop or get one from a trusted lovebird breeder. When going for any of the options mentioned, you have to deal with their benefits and the downsides. Pet shops can be a practical way to have a lovebird but it can also be very unsafe, unlike with a breeder, you are not really aware how the bird was cared for and raised or if it has been properly socialized.

The same thing goes true with adoption. Yes, it is a very generous act and can work really well although it is still best, in any case, to be experienced or obtain a comprehensive education before going for this option. Thus, a lovebird breeder can go still be the best option there is since the way the bird is handled from the time they have hatched carries a huge impact on how it interacts all through his life.

The more possibilities they get to impress with humans and the more they were handled when they were young, the more affable they can be. A lot of lovebird breeders concentrate on raising well-socialized birds with good-natured behavior. It is always a great idea to pose questions to your trusted lovebird breeder how often he handles the bird and what he does in order to socialize it. A lovebird’s emotional health and socialization are deeply impacted by the skills used by the breeder.

Making sure that the baby lovebirds are properly weaned before getting sold is another thing that a lovebird breeder must be responsible for. In addition, it is best to look for a breeder who allows the baby lovebirds to learn how to fly. This is because there are irresponsible breeders who do not want to go to that extent to avoid the bird from getting into trouble. Nonetheless, it is the lovebird’s interest to learn how to fly. After all, it is what their wings are for and it is a big part of a bird’s life. Flying helps in the circulation and muscle improvement.

Look for a lovebird breeder who is caring and responsible and not someone who just wants to earn bucks for a living. To make sure of that, conduct a little background research first. It is important to ask and talk to some preferences. You can also ask veterinarians as it is better to safe than feeling sorry in the end. Make sure that your chosen lovebird breeder is willing to answer queries, to provide support after purchase, to sign a contract or purchase agreement and to allow prospective buyers to view and observe their aviary.

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