Lovebird Health

lovebird foodLovebird’s health is important in keeping a Lovebird, making sure they stay in good shape. Giving them a healthy diet should be the first in your list of Lovebird Health. They should be eating healthy foods much like, Vegetables that are preferably cooked, like potatoes, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, uncooked fresh vegetables like, beans, peas, cabbage, tomato, fruits like papaya, melons, peach, pear, banana, kiwi, apples, among other fruits avocados are poisonous for Lovebirds – you should take a not of that in you Lovebird Health list.

They also eat, whole cereals and whole grains such as, barley, oats , whole wheat, and whole rice, also, sprouts, weeds, seeds like sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, beans, be careful with lima and navy beans for they too, are toxic. Pellets that are formulated for them is a good healthy addition. You might want to add to your Lovebirds health list that other fat-free, healthy and nutritious human foods can be given to the Lovebirds. Bear in mind that Lovebirds can be obese and have lipomas which is a fatty tumor.

Also you should bear in mind and add to your Lovebird health list that Lovebirds are mostly vegetarian, and training them to eat vegetarian diet at a young age would be an advantage, supplemented with vegetal proteins. Adult Lovebirds that are not used to this diet might have a hard time coping, but this can be remedied by, showing them that other Lovebirds eat it too, and it might be nice to put a mirror on the new food, they learn mainly by mimicry (nice addition to your Lovebird Health list).

One of the most important things in Lovebird’s health is to be aware of the possible behavior problems that might occur to your pet, they must not be bored or stressed. They need constant interaction, without these diversions they might resort in hurting their selves like plucking of their feathers (one of the behavioral problems you may encounter). You should also make sure that the Lovebird you are keeping is breed in captivity, it is not good for wild Lovebirds to be imprisoned in a tiny cell and can’t fly away, they might be stressed and unfortunately die.

Also one of the main things you should take account is the cage and the space you have available for your Lovebirds, they need a spacious place where they are free to fly, it is a kind of exercise for them which is good for your Lovebird’s health. They also love to bathe and get warm in the sun. Without a good and appropriate space it will not be good to take on keeping a Lovebird. Also it’s good for your Lovebirds to be hand-fed, it gives more time of interaction and acts like a “getting to know” you stage which is enjoyed by your revered pet and will be good for the Lovebird’s health.

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