Lovebirds As Pets

Lovebirds are absolutely attractive creatures to serve as anybody’s pet. And when you ask anyone about them, you can guarantee that most people assume that in order for lovebirds as pets to become healthy and happy, these exquisite birds should be kept in pairs. This is not actually true. The truth is that any pair of lovebirds which have already bonded must not be separated from each other.

To raise lovebirds as pets can really be gratifying especially when you see them and hear their voice every single day. Once these lovebirds have been raised by hand ever since they were babies, then most probably, they can turn out to be superb family pets all through. These birds do not need extensive care and handling on a daily basis ñ this is one of the advantages of lovebirds, although they can actually become rather gruff once you neglect them for several days.

A fairly small bird, a lot of people makes the big mistake of purchasing a small type of cage in order to accommodate lovebirds as pets. This is not actually the perfect way to go when you want them as pets at home. For an active bird like them, the bigger the cage that you can get, the better. They can also do with lots of toys around say for instance, they adore hopping on and off a swing, playing with ring sets. Thus, they are creatures filled with energy to use up.

Should you are interested in keeping lovebirds as pets, you may want to know more about them. There are nine lovebird species. Eight of these lovebird species came from the African continent with the exception of specie that came from Madagascar, thus the Madagascar lovebird. Among the eight are the masked lovebird, peachfaced lovebird, black-collared lovebird, Nyasa lovebird, black-cheeked lovebird, Abyssinian lovebird, fischer lovebird, masked lovebird and the redfaced lovebird.

That is the general knowledge about lovebirds. More than that, there are numerous color mutations. Say for instance, the peachfaced variety of lovebirds as pets has seventeen color mutations. Nonetheless, when you take into consideration the mutations being bred together for so many years now, hundreds and thousands of various colors are widely available.

Among the species, the peachfaced variety was the one considered as the nicest in nature. They have peach caps while the redfaced and lutino varieties are more aggressive and louder. When raising lovebirds as pets, you also have to consider their diet consist of a mixture of veggies, bean mix, whole grain cereal which are added to cockatiel pellets. There are seed mixes that could do good to their diet along with occasional slices of orange. Calcium block or cuttlefish bone are likewise available for them to chew.

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