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From The Desk Of
Elise Gonzalez
Tuesday, 10:17 A.M.

Dear Fellow Lovebird Owner,

  • Does your lovebird ever bite you, chew on your furniture or make that endless high pitched scream?

  • Do you feel like you are clueless when it comes to training your lovebird?

  • Have you ever wished there was an easy way to tame and bond with your lovebird?

Well, if you are like 90% of all lovebird owners, then you answered “YES!” to all those questions.

Believe me, I know first-hand how stubborn, aggressive and obnoxious lovebirds can be... but I also know first-hand what amazing, loving and devoted pets they can be.

Save Yourself Years Of Aggravation and A Ton Of Stress When You Know The RIGHT WAY To Train Your Lovebird...

You CAN turn the most aggressive, most dominant lovebird into the most affectionate pet.

And it’s a lot easier than you think...

The problem is that most of us have NO IDEA how to tame, train and bond with lovebirds the RIGHT WAY.

Most of us go online and read a few websites, maybe even get a few questions answered on a message board... but we never uncover the REAL information that we need.

The truth is that it’s not your fault!

No one has ever explained that there is a SIMPLE and EASY way to train your lovebird and:

  • STOP the bad behaviors that drive you mad!

  • STOP the embaressment that keeps your bird locked away when you have company!

  • STOP the frustration that makes you dread going home!

  • STOP the hopelessness you feel when NOTHING works for you and your bird!

No one has ever given you the expert advice on how to keep your lovebird healthy and happy for a LONG time.

No one has ever given you all the facts about how to breed and raise your lovebirds.

Really, you have been in the dark this whole time. You have been doing the best that you can with the little, useless information that you have.

But now you have the chance to discover the expert information that YOU DESERVE TO KNOW about choosing, training, taming and breeding lovebirds.

I Almost Gave Away My Lovebird Because I Couldn’t Train Him...

Look, I know exactly what you are going through right now. You love your pet, but you are at your wit’s end!

Just a few short years ago I was exactly where you are right now. Actually, I think my story is a lot worse.

You see, I never wanted a lovebird – or a pet for that matter – but my great-aunt became very ill and asked me if I would take care of her bird when she was gone. Because I loved my aunt and because I respected her so much, I agreed.

Then my aunt passed and her lovebird, Vinnie, came to live with me.

He bit me, he screamed all the time, he attacked my girlfriend, and he chewed on my furniture.

I tried everything I could think of! I read articles online, I asked the vet for advice; I even bought a book... but NOTHING that I tried seem to make any difference!

I had tried for months to make it work, but it just seemed to get worse. I was ready to give Vinnie away when something amazing happened....

I Discovered A Few, Simple Secrets That Allowed Me To Tame, Train And Bond With My Lovebird Faster Than I Ever Dreamed Possible!

Within a few short weeks my lovebird went from being a nightmare to the most loving and devoted pet.

When I had the right information and the right tips and tricks – I was able to tame him, train him and bond with him in no time.

And the best part is that it wasn’t even difficult!

In just a few short days I was able to:

  • Stop my bird's aggressive behavior

  • Eliminate the screaming, plucking and chewing - virtually overnight!

  • Bond with my bird and actually enjoy having him as a pet!

  • Finally give my bird exactly what he needed to be healthy and happy

  • Abolish that guilty feeling and develop a sense of pride

  • End the embarrassment and finally invite friends over again!

I had wasted a LOT of time and effort on the WRONG information... I had wasted a lot of money on vet visits and books!

I finally knew that it wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t because I had a “bad” lovebird!

I was having so many problems simply because I didn’t have the RIGHT INFORMATION, SECRETS AND TIPS!

Now I Breed, Raise and Train Lovebirds for a Living!

It only took a few expert secrets to allow me to bond with my lovebird... Now, after years of breeding and raising lovebirds, I am the expert.

And I have decided to compile all my knowledge and all my secrets into 1 straight-forward eBook that anyone can use to choose the right lovebird, train their lovebird or breed lovebirds.

In fact, there is NO OTHER book on the market today that reveals these expert secrets and allows you to take control and eliminate all your lovebird’s bad habits.

You are going to finally:

  • Understand everything about your lovebird’s breed, origin and species... and use this information to make your training a LOT easier

  • Discover how and what you feed your lovebird effects behavior

  • Uncover the secrets to keeping your lovebird happy – and healthy!

  • STOP the high-pitched screaming with 1 simple trick that NEVER FAILS!

  • Eliminate the biting, chewing and aggressive behavior with 2 simple words!

  • Bond with your lovebird and have the devoted pet that you deserve!

  • Know how to breed and raise lovebirds for profit!

All my secrets, all my tips and all my tricks are in this 1 ground-breaking eBook.

You are going to be able to save time, save your energy and save your money! You are going to be able to finally have everything you need to STOP all the bad behaviors and bond with your lovebird – faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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Will These Secrets, Tips And Tricks Work For You and Your Lovebird?

I have helped lovebird owners – just like you – tame, train and bond their lovebirds. I have helped owners who thought there was no hope... owners who were ready to give up and give away their lovebird.

Look, I have been EXACTLY where you are right now and I understand what you are going through... and I know that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

But I also know that with the RIGHT INFORMATION you can turn even the most difficult lovebird into the most affectionate and devoted pet.

Really, you don’t have any more excuses...

Just imagine being able to discover the secrets behind your lovebird’s breed, eliminate all the problems and uncover the steps to turn your lovebird into the pet that you deserve.

Just imagine being able to leave all your frustration, all your irritation and all that anger behind you.

Just imagine coming home to a lovebird that is happy to see you, who isn’t screaming and who won’t bite...

Well, it’s time for you to STOP imagining what your life COULD be like and start making this dream a reality.

Lovebird Care Secrets!


Lovebirds may be little... but they have BIG personalities!

And now, with Lovebird Care Secrets, you have exactly what you need to deal with their big personalities.

You are going to get all the secrets, all the tips and all the tricks that I use – day in and day out – to breed, tame and train my lovebirds.

You are finally going to have the RIGHT information and you are finally going to see REAL results!

You are about to discover:

  • All the facts, information and classifications of lovebirds.

  • How to choose the right lovebird for your family and your environment.

  • The insider information on health, safety, and how to keep your lovebird a LOT happier for a LOT longer!

  • How to tame and train even the most difficult lovebird in WEEKS with simple steps that are easy to follow!

  • How you can breed and raise lovebirds in your own home.

  • And much, much more!

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Does Your Lovebird Make You Happy... Or Does He Make You CRAZY???

Really you have 2 choices...
  1. You can keep doing the same things over and over – and you can keep hoping for a different result...


  2. You can discover expert secrets to training your lovebird and eliminate all your problems in a matter of weeks!

It’s your choice...

Right now you are allowing your lovebird to steal your happiness... and you are stealing happiness away from him.

You HAVE to discover the RIGHT INFORMATION if you are ready to make a change and finally have the pet that you deserve.

You HAVE to get Lovebird Care Secrets... and you have to get it today!

But you aren’t just going to be able to tame and train your lovebird with my eBook... you are also going to uncover the secrets to keeping your lovebird healthy and happy.

You are going to be able to give your lovebird the care, the proper nutrition and the environment that it needs to live a longer life.

In fact, everything that you have ever wanted to know about lovebirds – from their origin to their behavior is all right here in this one eBook.

All you have to do is order today and in a few short weeks you are going to finally have the affectionate and loving pet that you deserve!

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Can You Imagine Your Lovebird – Healthy, Happy and Friendly?

When you receive Lovebird Care Secrets, you are going to finally have the expert secrets that you need to keep your lovebird happy and healthy for a very long time.

You are going to be able to choose the perfect lovebird for you... give advice on lovebirds to anyone who asks... and have the perfect pet that adores and loves you!

You are going to stop all the biting, the chewing and the screaming. You are going to be able to tame and bond with even the most aggressive lovebird. And you are going to be able to breed and raise lovebirds for profit.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about lovebird’s behavior, species or health is all right here, in this one eBook.

I know that this information is going to change your life and give you the pet that you deserve, and I even GUARANTEE success.

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My Rock-Solid Guarantee

This guarantee is simple and easy.

I know that you are going to finally discover everything you need to know about lovebirds. I know that you are finally going to get the secrets, the tips and the tricks that you need to train and tame your lovebird quickly and easily.

I know that with my expert advice you are going to be able to finally have the affectionate and devoted lovebird you deserve... And to prove that to you I am offering you a no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

You read that correctly… Your success is guaranteed for a FULL 60 days. There is no fine print, and there isn’t any red tape, just a simple and honest guarantee.

I want you to download your copy of Lovebird Care Secrets today. I want you to get the expert advice and information that you need, and I want you to be confident doing it.

That is why you have a FULL 60 days to try Lovebird Care Secrets before you ever have to make up your mind!

And if, for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with Lovebird Care Secrets – even if it’s on the 60th day - all you have to do is send an email and your entire purchase price will be instantly refunded.

I don’t think I could make a more honest guarantee than that!

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Elise Gonzalez

WARNING: You Are Letting An Out-Of-Control Lovebird RUN Your Life!

P.S. Right now you are letting an out-of-control lovebird run your life!

You are forcing yourself to live with the biting, the chewing and the screaming... your stealing the happiness away from your lovebird... but there IS an easier way!

You can discover the expert secrets that will eliminate ALL the problems and allow you to have the pet that you deserve! And you can see the change take place in just a few short weeks...


It's Time For You To Get The REAL Information And Make A REAL Change!

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